Should I study abroad in Bosnia? 

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Should I study abroad in Bosnia?  How does a degree compare with one from Germany? USA? If you are an American who struggles to pay for college tuition whose cost has skyrocketed in the past ten years you may be looking for some options to study abroad in another cheaper and culturally rich countries. When […]

April 3, 2018

What is the currency of Bosnia?

Bosnia, Currency, Economy

When I visit Bosnia what kind of money can I use? What is the legal tender of Bosnia? Why can’t I just use Euros? Convertible Mark Based upon the Wikipedia entry. In 1995 the Dayton Peace Accord established a central currency. In 1998 it replaced the Bosnia and Herzegovina dinar, Croatian kuna and Republika Srpska dinar as the single […]

March 27, 2018

Is air pollution actually a problem in Bosnia?

Bosnia, Pollution

In the international news air pollution crops up as one of Bosnia’s main concerns. Many of the articles focus on particular cities and particular factories not complying with environmental laws.  In this post I hope to try to understand what is happening. In both a Guardian and Modern Diplomacy pieces they emphasize that single source […]

March 23, 2018

How much will it cost to move to Bosnia?

Bosnia, Economy, Tourism

Bosnia’s low cost of living, close proximity to European nations, and highly educated society make it an ideal location to relocate.  I hope to shed some light to how much it costs to live in Bosnia using datasets found throughout the net. Standard of Living It will be more expensive to live in Bosnia if […]

March 19, 2018

Has the Bosnian Pyramids become a tourist trap?

Bosnia, Pyramids, Tourism

One of my favorite side trips in Bosnia has been the world famous healing Pyramids of Bosnia.  If they are real or not is irrelevant. The bigger question is how much money they can bring in for Bosnia and the local community surrounding the pyramids. Number of Visitors to the Pyramids Source: interview According to […]

March 8, 2018

Where did the rebuilding money go?

Bosnia, Economy

Where did the rebuilding money go? Why do I still see unfixed houses and buildings? In this paper I will try to analyze the failure of economic reform in the post conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will be achieved by examining the pre-war economy of Bosnia, the effects of Dayton Peace Accord in 1995, and […]

March 7, 2018

Are Middle Eastern tourists flocking to Bosnia?

Bosnia, Economy, Tourism

The recent Economist’s article states that majority of foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina are coming from the politically unstable Middle East and Arab countries. For the last twenty years Bosnia has had struggled to recover its economy from the war in the 1990’s. This investment is both a blessing and a curse for Bosnia. Visitors to […]

March 7, 2018

The facts about a pension in Bosnia

Bosnia, Economy, Pensions

Pensioners protesting?!? Following the news in Bosnia in recent weeks it seems there is a nationwide protests about the pension plan.  This is in regards to pension benefits not being able to meet basic living standards. How dire is getting for the old folks in Bosnia? Thousands of pensioners from across Bosnia’s Bosniak-Croat Federation, most […]

March 7, 2018