Car Ownership

Buying a car in Bosnia is a tricky process. We hope to provide you with links and knowledge to help you with this process

Want to own a car? Where do I buy one? How much will it cost? What kind of insurance do you need?

More than one million automobiles every year are registered on the territory of B&H. 

Where do I buy a car?

Car Market

The majority of cars are used cars from European Union countries. It was reported that 72 percent of private vehicles are older than 16 years, with a half of that figure representing vehicles produced 16 to 20 years ago, the poll conducted by the Centre for Marketing Research of the Bosnian branch of the Growth for Knowledge (GfK) company showed.  VW cars are the most popular vehicles, making up 46 per cent of all private cars in the country. The next on the list is Opel, making up some 13 percent of the total, followed by Audi and Ford with 10 per cent each.

Emissions by Motor Vehicles

We previously reported on pollution in Bosnia.  You can read that report here

In a report by Dr Mirsad Kulovic, Bosnian car ownership was 92 cars per 1,000 inhabitants before the war.  In 2010 this ownership had increased to 214 per 1,000 inhabitants.  This level of car ownership is low compared with Western European countries that have car ownership usually in the 500 range but some as high as 795 per 1,000 inhabitants in the United States.


While Bosnia is not represented on this table, this graph is significant in that it shows that older cars produce a higher rate of emissions.  The cars in Bosnia are on average at least 10 year old, imported from Western European countries.  These cars pollute far more than newer cars.  Each car in Bosnia pollutes almost at twice as much as newer cars.

Finding a Used Car

The best place to find a used vehicle in bosnia is on the web.  The most popular website it  

As of 1/4/2018 there were 82,000 cars listed for sale on this website.

Car Dealership

There are a few car dealerships in Bosnia mostly located in the capitol and major cities. These car dealerships are only for foreigners and the 1% of bosnians.

Car Registration and Insurance

If you are buying a car in Bosnia and plan on living there you would need to register and license it. Car insurance in Bosnia ranges in price from 348 to 939 BAM

Registration and Insurance

There are multiple auto clubs that can help you with this process. – Bosnian Auto-Moto Club is the easiest to navigate.

They even have a calculator that will display estimated costs for insuring and registering a car.  A 2006 passenger car for instance will cost you 500  KM to register, inspect, and insure. (A 2015 will cost you 597 KM)

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