What is there to know about the wines of Bosnia?

Want to know more about Bosnian wines?

Traveling to Bosnia most especially in southern region of Hercegovina- Neretva Kanton around Mostar there seems like endless rows of vineyards and other fruit but barely any wines on the shelf from Bosnia itself.  Most store shelves are full of Croatian and Italian wines.  I wanted to investigate further to deduce if a dedicated weekend wine tour is in my future visits.

How does the Bosnian wine industry look?

So first off lets look at the hard numbers.


Source:Wine Institute

Bosnia produces around 5,000 tons of wine a year ranking it 54 out of 72 on the wine production list according to the UN FAOSTAT that tracks these numbers.  Most of the surrounding countries produce an exceedingly more wine than Bosnia as well.  Surprisingly it looks like Serbia produces the most in the area according to FAOSTAT.  We can therefore draw a conclusion that wine is still a niche industry compared with other former Yugoslavian countries.

What about wine tourism?

Many wine bloggers or journalists comment that they get turned away when visiting wineries or that everyone is drinking coffee in a winery instead of wine!  It mentions that there are two wine regions in the area with signage and tourist infrastructure lacking.  These wine regions coincide with other tourism in the area (i.e. Dubrovnik and Medugorje).

There is a wine route and the tourist board of Hercegovina- Neretva Kanton.  They have been doing a fantastic job trying to promote tourism with their own app and a website.  The best advice I would probably give in planning your own Bosnian wine adventure is to plan ahead, call the wineries and make reservations, and prepare to meet amazing people, taste amazing food, drink fabulous wine, and see a beautiful countryside.

Winery Areas of Bosnia



Here is a great video released in 2018 about the wine.

A episode of Davidsbeenhere in which he visits a Bosnian winery

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